SAMET A.Ş., the leading brand of Turkey in furniture accessories, was founded in 1973 in İstanbul. The company maintains its leading position in the furniture accessory market with its product range over 6000 manufactured with the technological equipment appropriate for the needs of the era and thanks to the experience of 50 years.

This project involves the design of CGI animations for Samet A.Ş., a furniture company, for a trade show held in Cologne. Our goal was to visually communicate and showcase Samet A.Ş.’s products to customers.

The animations were designed to be used at Samet A.Ş.’s trade show booth and on digital platforms. Customers had the opportunity to examine the products’ functionality, design, and quality up close through the animations.

We are proud to have played an important role in promoting Samet A.Ş.’s products through this project. The animations helped the brand’s target audience better understand their products and improved their trade show performance.

Throughout the project, we shared our ideas with the Samet A.Ş. team and designed the animations based on their feedback. The result was animations that attracted customers’ attention and provided valuable contributions to the company.

Samet A.Ş. – Interzum Cologne Fair 2023 Product – Anamorphic Intro 50″

Samet A.Ş. – Interzum Cologne Fair 2023 Product – Intro 17″

Samet A.Ş. – Interzum Cologne Fair 2023 – Corporate Intro 20″

Multi Mech CG Movie 02:30″

Solo Mech CG Movie 01:40″

So-Class CG Movie 01:24″

Smart Slide CG Movie 02:19″

Slidea CG Movie 01:23″

Samet A.Ş. / Interzum Exhibition Cologne Fair 2023

Client / Samet A.Ş.

Client Digital Content & Design Executive: Kenan Yüksel

Designers ///
Andromeda Studio

Serhat Gümüş
Yusuf Ergin
Bilal Köse
Emre Bayar
Mert Uzunoğlu